CV & publications:


3/ (22) Panel moderator @ASCA workshop Transparency/Opacity

3/ (21) “Impersonating the impersonal”, paper presentation @ASCA workshop Transparency/Opacity

3/ (9) Paper presentation @ Philosophy and Public Affairs Colloquium, University of Amsterdam

3/- Affiliated researcher @ Institute of Network Cultures.

2/ (26) Guest lecture on Anonymous @ RMeS rMA course “Trending Topics”, University of Utrecht

2-6/ Thesis mentor @ Sandberg MA “Designing Democracy”.

2/ “Rebooting Civil Disobedience: Botnet Politics, Algorithmic Resistance and Hacking Society”, with Robin Celikates, Hacking Habitat publication.



12/ (17) “‘We did it for the lulz’: Anonymous monstrous materialism”, paper presentation @ Bland, Boring and Banal: A Symposium on Lackluster Feeling and Digital Media in Extreme Times, Amsterdam.

12/ Guest lecture on Anonymous @ Amfibi, Amsterdam.

11/ Guest lecture on Anonymous with Geert Lovink @ minor Privacy Studies, University of Amsterdam.

6/ Critical Theory summer school respondent @ Dubrovnik, Croatia.

3/ Lecture The Politics of Authenticity @ ASCA, Film and Philosophy seminar

3/ “Pirates and Privateers: an introduction in three acts”, Krisis 2015:I.

3/ “Of Piracy, Anonymity, and Parametric Politics. An Interview with Ned Rossiter and Soenke Zehle”, Krisis 2015:I.

2/ “El arte del anonimato: Criaturas de la mito-poesía y otras máscaras”, in La Maleta de Portbou, with Geert Lovink.

1/ (25-26) Presentation at the From Multitude to Crowds conference in Lisbon @ Research Centre for Communication and Culture (CECC – Catholic University of Portugal)



10/ “The Disappearance of the Masses: The Future of a True Illusion”. Book review of Christian Borch’s Politics of Crowds and Stefan Jonnson’s A Brief History of the Masses, in Krisis 2014-II.

10/ (30-31) Discussant for Jacob Appelbaum and Stefania Milan, session 3 at the Civil Disobedience Beyond the State UvA workshop organized by Robin Celikates, Annette Zimmermann and Theresa Züger.

10/ (25) Respondent to Wendy Chun’s lecture, at ASCA20 event @ Tobacco Theater Amsterdam.

10/ (6) Presentation at a meeting of the APPR (“The language of privacy versus the language of anonymity”)

8/ Moderator at the Radical Software art symposium, W139 in Amsterdam.

6/ “De gezichtsloze massa: over individualiserende vormen van staatssurveillance” with Paul Bestebreurtje, in Cimedart,

4/ “Endless, nameless”. Article on anonymity as a political strategy in Luther Blissett and other multiple user names, with Geert Lovink, in Rekto Verso (Nr. 61 april – mei 2014).

3/ “Engaged withdrawal: occupying politics beyond politics”, article in Krisis 2014-I.

3/ presentation at TA3M Third Monday “Masking/Unmasking – A cost-analysis of anonymity“.